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Mandala Videos

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Video 1: How to Grow a Mandala - 5:01 (meditative and creatively inspiring)
Give yourself a 5-minute meditation break, listen to the calming music, and discover Prema's simple yet powerful method of meditation and inspired creation. You can download the inspirational music on this video at "Light Waves" by Prema.

Video 2: "Stop" Mandala Time-Lapse
- 3:32 (fun and interesting)
Watch as Prema creates a colorful mandala in this fun, high-paced video. This mandala's central "message" has a deep meaning for the one who comissioned it. What does it mean to you? Mandala students: Notice how Prema applies shading, overlapping lines, and layered colors -- all unplanned except for the central image. She is using Prismacolor pencils.

Mandala Gallery

The following images are hand-drawn with ink and Prismacolor pencils. The original black-on-white ink drawings are designed for anyone to color! These coloring mandalas and others will be published in an upcoming book. In the mean time, some high-resolution black-on-white versions will be made available to Prema's email list as complimentary downloads that you can print and color. Sign up for email updates in the right column.

Coloring Mandalas

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For inquiries about purchasing, publishing, or commercial use of the drawings and images in this gallery, contact Prema.